Introduction to mining

Miners is a new generation of node mining pool mining method, which is mainly oriented to the public chain using USDT storage consensus mechanism. The coin holders of this kind of public chain can gain profits through the nodes on the chain. Anyone can participate in this network as a node, you only need to join our platform to become a virtual miner, and need to pay a miner fee to dock our mining node interface, the platform uses the USDT mining node on the chain to gain revenue for users, USDT deposits its own wallet without transferring money out, "0" risk, flexible exit. Can generate millions of dollars of revenue for users every year

Our advantage

Safe and secure
No need to transfer money, USDT stores its own wallet "0" risk
Professional and stable
Based on all the crypto wallets and exchanges in the world, the security operation is stable throughout the year.
Low threshold entry
The project will be stored in the system from 10USDT, and the node mining income will be shared every day.


What is node mining?

How to withdraw the mining income?

Where does the mining revenue come from?

When to start counting benefits?

Mining machine income rules?

Audit Authority


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